Why should I learn English? Five reasons!

With the advancement of technology and the rapid spread of globalization, a lot of communication and exchange is the current trend!

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or an art lover – it is an undeniable fact that you are able to reach people from different countries around the world in your daily life.

What does this mean? For most people, learning a new language will be the first challenge. From different grammars, words, language concepts, and even table manners, the importance of adapting to the world and accepting the challenges that come with the onslaught is a very important and ongoing issue.

Here are the top five reasons to learn English, let’s read on!

  1. Learn English and travel freely!
    With 53 countries in the world recognizing English as an official language, learning English will definitely add a little more freedom and convenience to your travels. Whether it’s reading street signs or referring to restaurant menus, having more autonomy in your travels means more space and opportunity to deeply appreciate the cultural beauty that comes with travel
  2. Learn English and have more job opportunities!
    The trend of learning English is becoming more and more popular, and with the influence of globalization, English is used in many workplaces. For example, Honda, Samsung and other major brands use English as the language of communication in their workplace.
  3. Learn English, learn resources!
    Did you know that among the top 100 universities in the world, there are 59 top universities located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand? And among the top ten colleges in the world, nine are located in countries where English is the native language. What’s even more amazing is that 80% of all academic papers in the world are written and published in English!
  4. Learn English for more diverse entertainment!
    Most of the movies, books, and films in the mainstream entertainment media are produced in English, so knowing English means you can enjoy the ingenuity and subtlety of the original language! Think of watching a movie without focusing on the subtitles, but rather on the actors’ expressions and wonderful performances, so you can savor the movie more.
  5. Learn English and you’ll have friends everywhere!
    Studies show that 1.5 billion people in the world can communicate in English, of which only 400 million are native speakers. Being able to communicate in English means being able to communicate with people from more countries and understand cultures. Even if you don’t know Spanish or Russian, you can still use English to interact with different countries around the world!

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