English Test 4

English PDF Exercises – English Test 4

Why do I need to practice? Because through practice, we can acquire the most basic level of ability. Children practice tying shoelaces with the help of parents and teachers until they can tie them independently. We also practice our existing skills to get better. A professional tennis player can serve to his opponent’s court every time, but he keeps practicing his serve because he wants to improve his ball speed and ball drop. In the education field, there are good reasons for both refinement and skill building. Students will practice long division until they are proficient enough to solve the answer correctly. Other skills, such as writing an essay, should be practiced and refined to perfection, even if the student has the basic skills.

The two main reasons for practicing are to gain competence and to keep refining, which are obvious and not controversial. What is more difficult to understand is that even though you seem to be proficient at something, you still have to practice, and practice does not make you better. Odd as it may be, this kind of practice is essential in schooling. Practice has three benefits: it reinforces the basic skills necessary for learning advanced skills; it prevents forgetfulness; and it improves the application of knowledge.

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