Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) 3

What is Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)?

Test Principles

  1. HSK follows the principle of “combining teaching and examinations”, and the design of the test is closely related to the current situation of international Chinese teaching and the teaching materials used, with the aim of “promoting teaching and learning through examinations”.
  2. HSK focuses on objective and accurate evaluation, and attaches more importance to the development of candidates’ Chinese language application ability.
  3. HSK sets clear objectives for the test, so that test takers can improve their Chinese language application skills in a planned and effective manner.

Test Use

Currently, HSK has become a pass for studying in China, a requirement for applying scholarships to study in China and an important tool for school teaching evaluation, and is used by government departments and multinational companies in more and more countries as an important basis for employee recruitment, salary promotion and advancement.

The HSK certificate is valid for two years from the date of the test as proof of Chinese language proficiency for entry into Chinese universities and colleges (including short-term Chinese medicine courses).

Since 1996, the Chinese National Education Commission has required that all students who wish to study in China (including short-term Chinese medicine courses) must have a Chinese language proficiency certificate. Students who wish to study in China must obtain HSK level 4 or above before they can apply for admission. However, in order to apply for the International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship, both DSS and GCS graduates must obtain HSK and HSKK (Speaking Test) certificates.

HSK(一级)样卷 – 新汉语水平考试HSK(一级)样卷 – 新汉语水平考试
HSK(一级)语法1.代词(1)人称代词(wǒ我nǐ你tā他tā她 …HSK(一级)语法1.代词(1)人称代词(wǒ我nǐ你tā他tā她 …
HSK(一级)语言功能 1.打招呼、告别。 2.简单介绍个人 …HSK(一级)语言功能 1.打招呼、告别。 2.简单介绍个人 …
HSK(三级) – 新汉语水平考试HSK(三级) – 新汉语水平考试
HSK1-4 级需要认读的词语HSK1-4 级需要认读的词语
HSK1-VOCABULARIO.pdf – Asia IdiomasHSK1-VOCABULARIO.pdf – Asia Idiomas
HSK-Übungsbuch – Helmut Buske VerlagHSK-Übungsbuch – Helmut Buske Verlag
HSKネット( 水平 Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(IBT)) 試験 …HSKネット( 水平 Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(IBT)) 試験 …
HSK标准教程1 – 我的汉语课程平台HSK标准教程1 – 我的汉语课程平台

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